Yoga in the

        New Forest

01590 624670

CORE YOGA  Thursdays 7-45pm til 9-15pm

next class starting spring 2019

East Boldre Pavillion, Main Road, East Boldre, the old school SO42 7WT

This practice is directed at the biggest stabilizing muscles of the body, bringing strength and yet flexibility to this area. It is an exploration and awareness of what constitutes our core. Targeting the leg muscles, gluteus muscles, abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, the torso ribs and chest, and corset muscles, which all make up our core. With a strong stable core we enjoy easeful movements, correct posture and alignment, preventing problems such as back pain and pelvic floor disfunction's, and toning our centre. Working form the inside out we will create a stronger body.
The class will follow the same structure as other classes, beginning with Chanting , warm ups, physical practice targeting the CORE, Cool down, Deep Relaxation, Breathing practices and Meditation.